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Chloe Mafia Interview on This Morning

Chloe Mafia – Snog Marry Avoid? / Interview on This Morning / X Factor Audition

Who is Chloe Mafia / Chloe Victoria / Chloe Heald? I’m not sure, but check out the videos below. She seems to be a kind of British reality tv star that knows how to make interesting tv.

Snog Marry Avoid? is a British reality TV show on BBC Three hosted by Jenny Frost. It focuses mainly on transforming ‘fakery obsessed’or ‘Slap addicts’ in Britain into natural beauties by stripping them of their skimpy clothes and layers of make-up and giving them a make-under instead of a make-over with the help of POD – the Personal Overhaul Device. (via Wiki)

Chloe Mafia – Interview on This Morning

The X Factor: Chloe Victoria’s X Factor Audition (Full Version) –