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Bruno Movie Trailer – Sacha Baron Cohen

One has to wonder how long Sacha Baron Cohen can keep this going.¬† I guess we should all be happy and ride this funny until it ends. Bruno looks like it’s going to be a big hit, maybe bigger then Borat. I’ll ride this train until it runs off the tracks.

Paul Rudd on Craig Ferguson 03-23-09

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I don’t think much or less of Craig Ferguson. If I was going to watch a talk show at that time it would have been Conan or the end of Kimmel, now it’s Fallon or Kimmel. I saw Paul Rudd was going to be on so I checked it out because he is interview gold, and I’ll watch him on almost anything. It had a few funny points, like Paul Rudd is very hairy in the trowser department and Paul Rudd’s kid is into Live Aid, but for the most part it was just kind of weird.

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One Got Fat 1963 Bicycle Safety Exploitation Film

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One Got Fat is a bicycle safety film made in 1963. The film is about ten kids, dressed in monkey masks and tails, more about that later, that ride their bikes to the park for a picnic. Nine of the kids meet grisly deaths because they don’t follow specific bike safety rules. Rules like, only rides on right side of street, don’t ride with someone on your handlebars, yield to pedestrians, and keep your bike tuned up. All very important rules in bike safety.

In fact do you know what happens to you if you don’t keep your bike tuned up? You get ran over by a steam roller. It’s true, watch the video. You know what happens when you don’t license and or register your bike with the proper authorities? Police can’t find it when you report it stolen. Then you have to run the one to nine blocks to the park in your monkey mask and your arches collapse. Then you know what happens? Your shoes start on fire. Not as bad as dieing, but very weird. Also in the video. If you ride with someone on your handlebars, well lets just say, I hope you like dieing in the sewer. Watch the video.

Lets talk about bicycle safety. Can we all agree here that maybe riding a bike in a monkey mask, that restricts your vision, might not be a good idea? In fact, maybe if Fil wasn’t wearing that mask, he might have saw that steam roller sooner, and had time to stop. Maybe sans monkey masks all nine make it to the park fine. I’m just putting it out there.

One kid does make it to the park, and because he had a basket on his bike he arrives with all the lunches. Not fazed by the reality of watching eight of his friends die on this journey, he eats all the food and gets fat. Hence the name, One Got Fat. What a jerk this kid is. All my friends just died. Welp, more for me! HAW HAW HAW! EAT EAT EAT!

P.O.S. “Why Go” Pearl Jam Cover

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Minneapolis hip-hop artist P.O.S. does a great job with this cover of the Pearl Jam song Why Go. If you are not rocking P.O.S. your living like a caveman, for real. A caveman dog. Caveman Dog is also the name of a one act play I’m working on, dealing with the¬†duality of man. This cover is so good it actually has me thinking about pulling out my old Pearl Jam Ten cassette tape, but then I’d have to find a cassette player. Does anyone have a Chevey Nova I can borrow?

Little Shop of Horrors Original Ending (Everyone Dies)

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The original, sad ending to Little Shop of Horrors was rewritten to a happy ending after receiving negative remarks from test audiences. The original DVD release of Little Shop of Horrors included this sad ending but was pulled from shelves days after it’s release because the film’s producer and owner of the rights, wanted to re-release the film to theaters with the original ending intact. Now, you can watch the original, everyone dies, ending on YouTube. ACES!

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