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Erica Langston Sex Tape Part Two

Word is Bad Girls Club, Erica Langston, is shopping another sex tape, after the deal for her first sex tape fell through. The first sex tape was a threesome and the other girl on the tape, reportedly another Bad Girls Club cast member, wanted too much money. Never fear, Erica Langston had another sex tape ready to go, and we’ve heard the deal is all but done. Enjoy some sexy Erica Langston preview pictures below.

Erica Langston SexTape

Erica Langston Sex Tape

Erica Langston Sex_Tape

Erica Langston Sex Tape

Erica Langston Sex Tape

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  1. […] we reported in the past, rumor had it Erica Langston was shopping two different sex tapes, one of them being a supposed […]

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