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Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson Twitter Pictures

charlie sheen bree olson twitter pictures

Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson twitter picture. Winners!  Charlie Sheen is now winning Twitter, follow Charlie Sheen @!/charliesheen .

Bree Olson Booty

Check out hottie Bree Olsen booty Twitter picture. You can follow Bree Olson @!/BreeOlson

Oh Bobby!

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Charlie Sheen’s Blonde Pornstar Kacey Jordan

One day no one knows who you are, the next day your partying with Charlie Sheen and everyone knows who you are.

Meet Kacey Jordan. Check out a few pictures of her below.

Charlie Sheen's Blonde Pornstar Kacey Jordan

Kacey Jordan Charlie Sheen's

Kacey Jordan

Links to Kacey Jordan on the web. Kacey Jordan Twitter | Kacey Jordan MySpace | Kacey Jordan Wiki

Kacey Jordan is the adult entertainer that was picked to be the blonde in Charlie Sheen’s proposed “porn family”. Kacey told her tale of partying with Sheen on the Howard Stern show.

The 22-year-old Kacey Jordan loves to party and get her drink on. Kacey was a Varsity cheerleader and is a tanning addict. See Pictures above.

Kacey Jordan has promised her fans she’ll never get fake boobs.

Bree Olson Charlie Sheen

bree olson charlie sheen

It’s reported that Charlie Sheen had a crazy weekend in Las Vegas with Bree Olson, and two other porn stars.

It was the AVN porn awards and Charlie Sheen was there and partying!

Check out the picture of Bree Olson at the 2011 AVN award show below.

bree olson avn awards charlie sheen

Sheen was supposedly spotted parting with Bree Olson and two other porn stars before disappearing to his hotel room with them.

Bree Olson is well know as a porn star and was awarded for the best anal sex scene at the 2008 AVN award show.

Charlie Sheen, despite being on a crazy bender, shows up on time to work on the the set of Two and a Half Men.

Party on Charlie Sheen!

bree olson charlie sheen free gallery

Erica Langston Sex Tape: It’s Offical


It’s going to happen! TMZ is confirming that Bad Girls Club hottie, Erica Langston has agreed to terms on a sex tape deal with Vivid Entertainment. The tape is supposed to come out before Christmas! It’s going to be a great gift for all those hard to buy for Dad’s out there.

As we reported in the past, rumor had it Erica Langston was shopping two different sex tapes, one of them being a supposed threesome with one of her Bad Girls Miami co-stars. No deal was made for the threesome tape because the Bad Girls Club Miami co-star wanted more money. The Bad Girls Club Miami Sex Tape features Erica Langston and a supposed boyfriend.

Chloe Mafia – Snog Marry Avoid? / Interview on This Morning / X Factor Audition

Who is Chloe Mafia / Chloe Victoria / Chloe Heald? I’m not sure, but check out the videos below. She seems to be a kind of British reality tv star that knows how to make interesting tv.

Snog Marry Avoid? is a British reality TV show on BBC Three hosted by Jenny Frost. It focuses mainly on transforming ‘fakery obsessed’or ‘Slap addicts’ in Britain into natural beauties by stripping them of their skimpy clothes and layers of make-up and giving them a make-under instead of a make-over with the help of POD – the Personal Overhaul Device. (via Wiki)

Chloe Mafia – Interview on This Morning

The X Factor: Chloe Victoria’s X Factor Audition (Full Version) –

Silvina Escudero Dancing With The Stars

Silvina Escudero stars in Dancing for a Dream, the Argentinian version of Dancing with the Stars. Watch as Silvina Escudero takes dancing to a whole new level with a strip tease and many simulated sex acts. This isn’t your parents Dancing with the Stars. This would never play on Dancing with the Stars, but Dancing for a Dream thinks its all good, love them. As you might have guessed the video might not be OK for work, so watch it at home. Also check out the host freak out at end. Not sure what that is about.

Capri Anderson And Charlie Sheen Sex Scandal

Capri Anderson might be the escort and pornstar that ended up in a sex scandal in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room in New York, the night of his last freak out. Capri Anderson may have been witness to Charlie Sheen’s latest breakdown. Capri Anderson – the porn star – might have locked herself in the hotel bathroom while Charlie Sheen might have went crazy, because she claims she might have been in danger. Charlie Sheen might or might not be claiming the porn star took his $150,000 Patek watch. Time may or may not tell who is and is not telling the truth. Until we know, check out some samples of Capri Anderson’s work. Its no wonder, Capri Anderson is the type of girl that screams sex scandal.

capri anderson charlie sheen

capri anderson charlie sheen scandle

GWAR Now On iTunes

GWAR Now On ITunes

GWAR can now be found on iTunes. This can only mean one thing, the end is near. God help us all.

GWAR on iTunes.

Erica Langston Sex Tape Part Two

Word is Bad Girls Club, Erica Langston, is shopping another sex tape, after the deal for her first sex tape fell through. The first sex tape was a threesome and the other girl on the tape, reportedly another Bad Girls Club cast member, wanted too much money. Never fear, Erica Langston had another sex tape ready to go, and we’ve heard the deal is all but done. Enjoy some sexy Erica Langston preview pictures below.

Erica Langston SexTape

Erica Langston Sex Tape

Erica Langston Sex_Tape

Erica Langston Sex Tape

Erica Langston Sex Tape